Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week 3 Down and Moving Into the Final Stretch

This week has been a bit of a struggle. Although I've stayed well above the running total I should have for each day, I haven't always done my full 1667 for the day. For some reason the word widget at the side of the blog isn't showing the three days at the end of the week where I came up short. As a result, my cushion of words has dropped a little.

Story wise, I'm well into the "mushy middle". However, because the story naturally has a nice plot twist around the true middle, for me its more like a "mushy three-quarters".

Sudden disaster has led to political conflict and unexpected betrayal. Now Kenneth Phon has to step up and get the fleet back home. At this point they're wandering around deep in alien territory just trying to find a way out and have just learned their best option may be through the territory of a backwards race so aggressive that even the empire won't mess with them.

Ironically, the thing that's holding me up in this story, is not what you would expect. Perhaps I'll blog about it tomorrow. I'm taking all of next week off so I can try to power through the 50k mark. I may just have time to blog this before the end of the week.

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