Saturday, May 30, 2009

Done! ...mostly

This is what 134,761 words looks like--the result of NaNoWriMo '07 & '08 and a little bit more. I just finished formatting it, photoshopping a new cover and uploading everything to Amazon's POD. Hopefully it'll get verified soon and I can use the free proof coupon before it expires.

I'm looking forward to working on something different for '09, but the truth is this still isn't the end of the story. I resolve the most immediate conflict in part one, but the over-arching conflict is still left largely unresolved. I had hoped to do it all in one book, but what I have now is already ambitious enough. I'm sure I could do part two in a fraction of part one's length, the question is whether I can fit it into a the existing book or stretch it into a second full-length novel.

Either way, around October, expect to hear about a far future science fiction space opera based on the work of an ancient greek.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

One Proof down...One To Go

I haven't blogged on blogspot in months, for which I entirely blame facebook. Fortunately, unlike last year, that doesn't mean I have stopped writing. In fact I've written pretty much non-stop since then except for a break in March and part of April where I had to do some editing, formatting and some graphic art work to take advantage of my free proof from Amazon. (Which I won from completing NaNoWriMo in 2007.)

I was fully prepared to be disappointed by the free proof copy, but I was pleasantly surprised. The quality of the print and binding surprised me. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have a standard paperback book size, but I was quite happy with the quality of what they produced.

Now I just have to finish the thing to take advantage of the free proof for NaNoWriMo 2008. My current word count is 126,805 and, judging by my outline, I have another 12 or 14-thousand to go to finish the story and I only have until the end of the month to take advantage of the Amazon deal. (Can you say PRESSURE?)